Maria recommends ... Anything by these wise, weird,  wryly funny women

Ruth Rendell
(Barbara Vine)

Alice Munro

Anne Enright

Margaret Forster

My summer reading list……..

Swinging Bridge by Ramabai Espinet
A woman’s journey from Montreal to Toronto to Trinidad and India to find where she comes from and where she is

Break, Blow Burn by Camille Paglia
The inimitable Camille tells us (orders us!) to look at these 43 poems and tell us how !!

Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys
Gardening with the Land Girls during the Blitz

The Friend that got away by Jenny Offill and Elissa Schappell
20 women’s true life stories of friendships gone bad and friendships lost

Pedagogy of Indignation by Paolo Freire
The last book written by Freire

Books I might borrow from AlphaPlus this summer

Past & Present of the Verbs to Read and Write. Essays on Literacy by Emilia Ferreiro
Three talks by Ferreiro a literacy activist in Mexico on literacy as a democratic concern

Up from the permafrost. Reflections of Learning
Stories from the Yukon

Reading don’t fix no Chevys by Michael Smith & Jeffrey Wilhelm
Literacy in the lives of young men