The Literacy Futures Podcasts are created by the literacy futures learning circle from toronto, ontario, canada.

The literacy futures learning circle meets to discuss the future of adult literacy education, education for adults whose primary way of learning is not print dependent, and the literacy movement.

convenor, podcast design, video: Tracy Westell
discussion participants: Guy Ewing, Jenny Horsman, Nancy Jackson, Jean Unda, Sheila Stewart
podcast design and implementation, web pages: Tracey Mollins

The Literacy Enquirer is published by the policy learning circle from toronto, ontario, canada.

The policy learning circle meets informally from time to time in a variety of venues to discuss how practitioners can have input into policy decisions and how to bring our knowledge to the policy-making process.

coordinator: Tracy Westell
editing: Guy Ewing, Katrina Grieve, Susan Lefebvre, Anne Moore, Nadine Sookermany, Sheila Stewart
layout, design and web pages: Tracey Mollins

Produced and published through the generous donations of literacy workers.

Web hosting and support by the
National Adult Literacy Database.

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